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Patients talk about how DentPlant and dental implants changed their lives.

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Harry, Boston, MA

Procedure done

[icon name=quote-left] If I had not gone through the procedure I would still be walking around, hiding my face, excusing myself every hour or two, picking easy stuff that I didn’t want to eat, walking past the nuts, walking past the trail mix which I love. But I can eat it now. I’m one hundred percent now. [icon name=quote-right]

Geri, Cambridge, MA

Procedure done

[icon name=quote-left] They’ve just changed my whole personality and my life because now I feel much better to appear in public [icon name=quote-right]

Timothy, Somerville, MA

Procedure done

[icon name=quote-left] From being 11 years old and always having to hide my teeth because of what happened in the bike accident, to now being able to smile and people actually noticing my teeth is pretty nice. [icon name=quote-right]

Marilyn, Boston, MA

Procedure done

[icon name=quote-left] I’m just really thrilled, very happy with the results, feel like I can smile. I feel as though I have my own teeth, there’s just not a better feeling than the implants right now and I’m eating apples and corn on the cob. I’m just enjoying it very much. [icon name=quote-right]

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